Exploring my favourites from the first drop of Madalynne Intimates kits

Exploring my favourites from the first drop of Madalynne Intimates kits


If you've caught the lingerie making bug, there is no doubt that you've heard of Madalynne Intimates. She's grown her brand into a real powerhouse of creativity and quality in designing modern, wearable and on-trend lingerie patterns as well as creating diy kits using exquisite meshes and laces that she either sources or has printed exclusively. 

After buying my first Madalynne kit, I was instantly hooked on learning all about lingerie making. But, living in Australia, I found that the cost of shipping a kit to Australia as an individual, was crazy expensive! I figured that this was an issue many Aussie lingerie sewists were experiencing with overseas brands, and so I started chatting to Madalynne about becoming her Australian stockist and offering her kits at a more affordable shipping rate for her Aussie fans!

Working with Madalynne has been fantastic and I'm so proud to be representing her brand here in Australia and carrying her patterns and kits. 

I managed to get some of my favourite kits from her before she sold out and thought I'd share with you which ones are my favourites and why I love them so much.


It's really hard for me to narrow down which Galina kit I love the most because, well, I love them all! But, if I had to choose just one, I think the copper garden floral kit is a showstopper. The stretch mesh used is an exclusive print that Madalynne had specially made. The detail and colour in the mesh is simply stunning and the combination with the bronze elastic truly elevates the colours in the mesh. Overall, I think the colours match a range of skin tones and are so elegant.

The next pattern and kit that I love is the new Madalynne x Simplicity S9620. It is such a fun and versatile design that provides a more fashion-forward take on the humble sports bralette that we've all grown accustomed to wearing (thank you Covid lockdowns) and provides endless opportunities for creative colour blocking or use of solids and prints. For me, going with classic matte black and white is a no-brainer as it is super elegant but also provides modesty if you're the type to get a bit sweaty in the gym and don't want everyone to see!! 


Lastly, the Lawren bodysuit is a classy pattern and kit that has become a cult favourite for Madalynne. The combination of floral lace and black swiss dots just oozes sexiness and can be worn as an intimate or can even be paired with a skirt or pants for a night out. Recently, Madalynne did a variation on the Lawren bodysuit, combining it with her first pattern, the S8229 in order to provide underwire support for those who love the bodysuit but also want their bewbs looking their best. The classic black swiss dot kit would make an outstanding bodysuit, whether you do the classic Lawren style or try your hand at pattern hacking and do the S8229 variation.


There you have it! A round up of my favourites kits! If you've been thinking about getting in to lingerie making, buying a diy kit is a fabulous way to minimise the headache of sourcing all your own materials from a myriad of different stores.

If you like any of the kits or patterns mentioned above, you can find them all here: Madalynne Kits

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