Hello and Welcome to Sew Heart Soul

Hello and Welcome!

Since I launched Sew Heart Soul, there has been a lot of new folks around here, visiting my website and scoping out which beautiful Madalynne Intimates kits they would like to make into stunning lingerie! So, I figured it was time to do a proper introduction post!

My name is Fenja (pronounced Fen-ya). I’ve been a passionate sewist since 2018, mostly making dresses and jumpsuits for myself and obsessively improving my skills and understanding of this amazing craft. 

Of course, as is often the case with dedicated sewists, I have also developed a rather expensive hobby of collecting fabric!! Despite having a ridiculous fabric stash, I have found myself increasingly uninspired by the fabrics available to me at my usual fabric haunts and so I began dreaming about creating my own fabric!

I have always been inspired by the beautiful bohemian dresses created by Spell. I love their use of retro prints, easy breezy billowing silhouettes that drape so gracefully and elevate your femininity; but, with two little kids and said fabric collecting hobby, I haven't had the money to buy any of their delectable confections. Additionally, considering my skills as a seamstress, it has always seemed ludicrous to me to spend oodles of money on someone else's design instead of making something myself! I figure, there are many sewists out there, that share my thoughts and feelings and are on the hunt for unique beautiful and affordable fabric too.

Over the past year, I also developed a passion for making my own lingerie. The pretty fabrics, delicate laces and sheer indulgence of creating something sensual that is secreted away under my clothes, is divine. I am a really strong believer in self-empowerment and removing myself from the expectations of society to fit into the sizes decided by someone else. I love the freedom of creativity and expression that sewing my own garments and lingerie gives me. It's artistic AND therapeutic. 

I decided to become the Australian stockist of Madalynne Intimates because, after lusting after her designs and kits, I found myself increasingly inspired by her message:

"Everybody and every body should be able to showcase their true self without fear or judgement".

Madalynne's size inclusivity and willingness to promote lingerie and sewing as an activity for ALL, no matter your gender, age or size, really resonates with me and is something I keep coming back to whenever I'm imagining a new project.

For me, sustainability has become a large component of my sewing journey. The garment making industry is not environmentally friendly and has a terrible reputation for ruining our planet. Although I believe sewing your own clothes and lingerie is an act of rebellion, I cannot avoid the reality that, as a hobby, if we sewists don't make informed and conscious decisions in our textile choices, we end up contributing to the environmental and social problems caused by purchasing fabric from companies that do not sell 'deadstock' or sustainably manufactured or organic textiles, or that do not support fair wages and working conditions throughout all stages of production.

It is for these reasons that I have committed to ensuring all of the fabric I produce under the Sew Heart Soul brand, is sustainably manufactured or GOTS certified and printed using environmentally friendly and biodegradable inks. 

I hope that you'll love all of my fabrics and Madalynne Intimates kits and enjoy this journey of growth with me. I urge you to become a sustainable sewist and support businesses, like mine, that are trying to create textiles which are fashionable and less damaging to the environment.

I would love to know more about what inspires you with your sewing and where you are on your sustainability journey.




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